Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing Routing Instructions Answers

Addressing Table


Part 1: Locate Network Problems
Part 2: Implement the Solution
Part 3: Verify Network Connectivity


In this activity, you will troubleshoot connectivity problems caused by improper configurations related to VLANs and inter-VLAN routing.

Part 1: Locate the Network Problems

Examine the network and locate the source of any connectivity issues.
– Test connectivity and use the necessary show commands on to verify configurations.
– List all of the problems and possible solutions in the Documentation Table.

Documentation Table

Part 2: Implement the Solutions

Make changes according to your recommended solutions.

Part 3: Verify Network Connectivity

Verify the PCs can ping other PCs and R1. If not, continue to troubleshoot until the pings are successful.

Suggested Scoring Rubric

Packet Tracer scores 60 points. Completing the Documentation Table is worth 40 points.

S1(config)#int gigabitEthernet0/1
S1(config-if)#switchport mode trunk

R1#conf ter
R1(config)#int g0/1.10
R1(config-subif)#no sh
R1(config-subif)#no encapsulation dot1Q

R1(config-subif)#int g0/1.30
R1(config-subif)#no encapsulation dot1Q
R1(config-subif)#encapsulation dot1Q 30
R1(config-subif)#ip address

R1(config-subif)#int g0/1.10
R1(config-subif)#encapsulation dot1Q 10
R1(config-subif)#ip address

Change the default gateway on PC3

Change the default gateway on PC3


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