Quiz Chapter 3-4 CCNA CyberOps Version 1.1 Answers

1. Fill in the blank.

  • A Linux administrator will use either the CLI or the GUI when communicating with the operating system.

2. What is the outcome when a Linux administrator enters the man man command?

  • The man man command configures the network interface with a manual address
  • The man man command provides a list of commands available at the current prompt
  • The man man command provides documentation about the man command
  • The man man command opens the most recent log file

3. Fill in the blank.

  • A short name of the X Window System is X .

4. Fill in the blank.

  • A process that runs in the background without the need for user interaction is known as a daemon

5. Which term is used to describe a running instance of a computer program?

  • fork
  • package manager
  • patch
  • process

6. Which method can be used to harden a computing device?

  • Force periodic password changes.
  • Allow USB auto-detection.
  • Allow default services to remain enabled.
  • Update patches on a strict annual basis irrespective of release date.

7. Which Linux component would be used to access a short list of tasks the application can perform?

  • Dash Search Box
  • Launcher
  • Quicklist
  • System and Notification Menu

8. Which type of tool is used by a Linux administrator to attack a computer or network to find vulnerabilities?

  • PenTesting
  • malware analysis
  • intrusion detection system
  • firewall

9. Which working environment is more user-friendly?

  • a CLI
  • a GUI
  • the command prompt
  • a hybrid GUI and CLI interface

10. True or False?

The Linux GUI is the same across different distributions.
true false

11. Which types of files are used to manage services in a Linux system?

  • device files
  • configuration files
  • system files
  • directory files

12. What is a benefit of Linux being an open source operating system?

  • Linux distributions are maintained by a single organization.
  • Linux distribution source code can be modified and then recompiled.
  • Linux distributions must include free support without cost.
  • Linux distributions are simpler operating systems since they are not designed to be connected to a network.

13. Fill in the blank.

  • The process of assigning a directory to a partition is known as mount .

14. Consider the result of the ls -l command in the Linux output below. What are the group file permissions assigned to the analyst.txt file?

ls –l analyst.txt
-rwxrw-r– sales staff 1028 May 28 15:50 analyst.txt

  • read, write, execute
  • read only
  • read, write
  • full access

15. Fill in the blank.

An application package is a specific program and all its supported files.

16. A client application needs to terminate a TCP communication session with a server. Place the termination process steps in the order that they will occur. (Not all options are used.)

  • step 1 client sends FIN
  • step 2 server sends ACK
  • step 3 server sends FIN
  • step 4 client sends ACK

17. What is the most compressed representation of the IPv6 address 2001:0000:0000:abcd:0000:0000:0000:0001?

  • 2001:0:abcd::1
  • 2001:0:0:abcd::1
  • 2001::abcd::1
  • 2001:0000:abcd::1
  • 2001::abcd:0:1

18. Which message delivery option is used when all devices need to receive the same message simultaneously?

  • duplex
  • unicast
  • multicast
  • broadcast

19. What three application layer protocols are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite? (Choose three.)

  • ARP
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • NAT
  • PPP

20. Which message does an IPv4 host use to reply when it receives a DHCPOFFER message from a DHCP server?


21. What addresses are mapped by ARP?

  • destination MAC address to a destination IPv4 address
  • destination IPv4 address to the source MAC address
  • destination IPv4 address to the destination host name
  • destination MAC address to the source IPv4 address

22. Which statement is true about FTP?

  • The client can choose if FTP is going to establish one or two connections with the server.
  • The client can download data from or upload data to the server.
  • FTP is a peer-to-peer application.
  • FTP does not provide reliability during data transmission.

23. Which two OSI model layers have the same functionality as two layers of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)

  • data link
  • network
  • physical
  • session
  • transport

24. Refer to the exhibit. What is the destination MAC address of the Ethernet frame as it leaves the web server if the final destination is PC1?

  • 00-60-2F-3A-07-AA
  • 00-60-2F-3A-07-BB
  • 00-60-2F-3A-07-CC
  • 00-60-2F-3A-07-DD

25. Fill in the blank.

ARP spoofing is a technique that is used to send fake ARP messages to other hosts in the LAN. The aim is to associate IP addresses to the wrong MAC addresses.

26. Which statement is true about the TCP/IP and OSI models?

  • The TCP/IP transport layer and OSI Layer 4 provide similar services and functions.
  • The TCP/IP network access layer has similar functions to the OSI network layer.
  • The OSI Layer 7 and the TCP/IP application layer provide identical functions.
  • The first three OSI layers describe general services that are also provided by the TCP/IP internet layer.

27. What OSI layer is responsible for establishing a temporary communication session between two applications and ensuring that transmitted data can be reassembled in proper sequence?

  • transport
  • network
  • data link
  • session

28. If the default gateway is configured incorrectly on the host, what is the impact on communications?

  • The host is unable to communicate on the local network.
  • The host can communicate with other hosts on the local network, but is unable to communicate with hosts on remote networks.
  • The host can communicate with other hosts on remote networks, but is unable to communicate with hosts on the local network.
  • There is no impact on communications.

29. Refer to the exhibit. PC1 issues an ARP request because it needs to send a packet to PC3. In this scenario, what will happen next?

  • RT1 will forward the ARP request to PC3.
  • RT1 will send an ARP reply with its own Fa0/0 MAC address.
  • RT1 will send an ARP reply with the PC3 MAC address.
  • SW1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/1 MAC address.
  • RT1 will send an ARP reply with its own Fa0/1 MAC address.

30. Refer to the exhibit. Consider the IP address configuration shown from PC1. What is a description of the default gateway address?

  • It is the IP address of the Router1 interface that connects the company to the Internet.
  • It is the IP address of the Router1 interface that connects the PC1 LAN to Router1.
  • It is the IP address of Switch1 that connects PC1 to other devices on the same LAN.
  • It is the IP address of the ISP network device located in the cloud.


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