Section 25 – Review 10

Is there anything else you need to cover from the ICND1 syllabus? You should have nailed all of your weak areas by now.

You should be able to do the following:

  • Recite the entire cram guide
  • Configure static routes, NAT, and IP addressing
  • Configure basic switch security and VLANs
  • Configure DHCP
  • Answer VLSM and subnetting questions very quickly
  • Understand TCP, OSI, cables, and specifications
  • Understand the routing process including OSPF, OSPFv3
  • IPv6 addressing and IPv4.

Section 25 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Review any theory (if required)
  • Complete any lab you wish
  • Write the ICND1 cram guide from memory
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 25 Exam

  1. Write out the two ways of configuring console passwords. Write the actual commands.
  2. Which command will permit only SSH traffic into the VTY lines?
  3. Which command will encrypt a password with level 7 encryption?
  4. Name the eight levels of logging available on the router.
  5. Why would you choose SSH access over Telnet?
  6. Your three options upon violation of your port security are protect, _______, and _______.
  7. How would you hard set a port to accept only MAC 0001.c74a.0a01?
  8. Which command turns off CDP for a particular interface?
  9. Which command turns off CDP for the entire router or switch?
  10. Which command adds a password to your VTP domain?
  11. Which command would permit only VLANs 10 to 20 over your interface?

Section 25 Answers

  1. password xxx and login local (username and password previously configured).
  2. The transport input ssh command.
  3. The service password-encryption command.
  4. Alerts, critical, debugging, emergencies, errors, informational, notifications, and warnings.
  5. It offers secure, encrypted traffic.
  6. Shutdown, restrict.
  7. With the switchport port-security mac-address 0001.c74a.0a01 command.
  8. The no cdp enable command.
  9. The no cdp run command.
  10. The vtp password xxx command.
  11. The switchport trunk allowed vlan 10-20 command.

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