Section 49 – Review 7

Section 49 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Complete the challenge lab
  • Review IPv6/OSPF/Syslog/SNMP/Netflow/EIGRP
  • Read the ICND2 cram guide (and the ICND1 cram guide, if taking the CCNA exam)
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 49 Exam

  1. What service and port does DNS use?
  2. How would you block EIGRP with an ACL?
  3. How does EIGRP and OSPF offer a way of sending route updates securely?
  4. Where do switches get their base MAC address from? How would you find it?
  5. Does PPP work with asynchronous links, or just synchronous?
  6. How would you join OSPF Area 2 to the OSPF domain if it was connected only to Area 1?

Section 49 Answers

  1. TCP/UDP port 53.
  2. Issue the acces-list x deny eigrp any any command.
  3. EIGRP: Interface mode authentication; and OSPF: authentication under router OSPF and under interface configuration.
  4. From the show version command (see below).
  5. Both types of links.
  6. Use the virtual-link command (this is not in the CCNA syallbus but I thought I’d add it just in case).

Section 49 Lab – OSPF and ACL



Connect two routers together with a serial or crossover cable:

  1. Add IP addresses to the routers and a Loopback interface on Router A and Router B, according to the diagram
  2. Ping between Router A and Router B to test the serial line (remember clock rates)
  3. Configure OSPF on both routers
  4. Ensure that you add all the correct wildcard masks (which subnet is the WAN link in?)
  5. Put all networks into an area, but put into Area 1 and into Area 20
  6. Check the routing table and ping all IP addresses
  7. Configure an extended ACL on Router B
  8. Block www traffic into Router B destined for the network; permit all other IP traffic
  9. You can only test this if you have a web server behind the router OR on live routers by adding the ip http server command to the router and Telnetting on port 80:
    RouterA#telnet 80 [this won’t work on Packet Tracer]

Solution Hints and Commands

  • Use the router ospf x command to configure OSPF
  • network x.x.x.x y.y.y.y area z
  • access-list 100 deny tcp any eq www


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