1.5.3 Packet Tracer – Challenge Router Configuration Answers

1.5.3 Packet Tracer – Challenge Router Configuration Answers


Addressing Table

Device Interface IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway
R1 Fa0/0 N/A
S0/0/0 N/A
R2 Fa0/0 N/A
S0/0/0 N/A

Learning Objectives

  • Subnet an address space with given requirements
  • Assign appropriate addresses to interfaces and document
  • Cable the network
  • Perform basic configuration tasks on a router
  • Configure and activate Serial and FastEthernet interfaces
  • Test and verify configurations


Use the Lab 1.5.3 from the curriculum for the addressing requirements for this activity. In this packet tracer activity, you will design and apply an IP addressing scheme for the topology shown in the Topology Diagram. You will be allocated one class C network that you must subnet to provide a logical addressing scheme for the network. You must first cable the network as shown before the configuration can begin. Once the network is cabled, configure each device with the appropriate basic configuration commands. The routers will then be ready for interface address configuration according to your IP addressing scheme. When the configuration is complete, use the appropriate IOS commands to verify that the network is working properly.

Download Packet Tracer (.pka) file:

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