Section 45 – Review 3

 Section 45 Tasks

  • Take the exam below
  • Complete the challenge lab
  • Review all switching
  • Read the ICND2 cram guide (and the ICND1 cram guide, if taking the CCNA exam)
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 45 Exam

  1. Write down the configuration to create a VLAN, and put an interface into a VLAN on a switch.
  2. Write down the configuration to create a trunk link.
  3. Which two ways can you force a switch to become the Root Bridge for STP?
  4. Which command configures RSTP on a switch?

Section 45 Answers


Vlan 100
Name test
Int fax/x
Switchport mode access
Switchport access vlan 100


sw mode trunk
sw trunk enc dot
sw trunk all vlan x,y,z (optional)

3. The spanning tree vlan x root primary command or the spanning tree vlan x priority
low_priority command.

4. The span mode rapid command (this shortened version may not work on the exam sim).


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