Section 52 – Review 10

Section 52 Tasks

  • Follow the exam tasks below
  • Complete the challenge lab
  • Review the subject of your choice
  • Read the ICND2 cram guide (and the ICND1 cram guide, if taking the CCNA exam)
  • Spend 15 minutes on the website

Section 52 Exam

  • Spend some extra time on
  • Write out the cram guide(s) from memory

Section 52 Lab – OSPF and Router Security



Connect two routers together with a serial or crossover cable.

  1. Add IP addresses to the routers and a Loopback interface on Router A and Router B, according to the diagram
  2. Ping between Router A and Router B to test the serial lines (remember clock rates)
  3. Now set the serial lines to use PPP with CHAP (also set usernames and passwords)
  4. Configure OSPF on both routers and place one Loopback network in another area
  5. Lock down both routers with enable secret passwords and Telnet passwords
  6. Turn CDP off on one router and off the interface of the other router
  7. Add a banner message on one router
  8. Issue a service password-encryption command on one router
  9. Check the routing tables

Solution Hints and Commands

  • Use the router ospf x command to enter OSPF Configuration mode.
  • Use the network x.x.x.x y.y.y.y area z command to place a network in an area
  • Use the enable secret command in Global Configuration mode
  • Use the no cdp run command globally
  • Issue a no cdp enable command per interface
  • Use the banner motd command to configure a banner
  • Use the show ip route command to check the routing table


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